Know if you sell?

When a customer decides to use your services, it's great. Until that, it is difficult to measure if success is getting close or just wasting your time. Being able to measure progress before success, gives better understanding on what needs to be done before succeeding.

How measure?

What do you do before you decide to buy?

Whether you are targeting end customers or large corporates, most people check their intentions with close ones. Often forward links with a given product or service to discuss whether it is good or bad option.

Our Viral meter can recognize that a link of your website has been sent using instant messages (WhatsApp, Viber, Slack, Teams, etc.). With us, you will notice a change, before it happens.

Why I wanted?

What will I know?

When does the season start?

Extend your sales season and attract customers as soon as they start to be interested in you.

How is the market reacting?

Have you adjusted your prices or invested in advertising? Find out if the market already knows it or if they haven't noticed you at all.

What is interesting?

Focus on what is important to your customers. Recognize the products/services being actively discussed and distinguish them from those that are being just browsed.

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